Family 2015

Family 2015

Sunday, November 23, 2014

This IS Life

We are extraordinarily busy right now.  When all the kids were littler and I felt overwhelmed, my friends with older kids would sometimes tell me, "just wait, it's worse when they get older." (Because they were encouraging like that - lol!)

I didn't believe them, not because I thought they were liars, but because I couldn't comprehend being any busier than I was at the moment.  I figured they just didn't remember what it was like when their kids were young and all they did was change diapers, feed babies and clean up mess after mess after mess.

Turns out, they did remember, and they were right.

The busyness is different, but it is BUSY.  Keeping track of our schedules and coordinating who needs to be where and when is a task of great proportions.  I couldn't do it without my husband and car pool friends.  Even with that, we often collapse on the couch at night barely believing we're getting up in a few short hours to do it all over again.

Friday, I was picking McKinley up early from school to take her to a doctor's appointment and lamenting the fact that I wasn't going to get my usual Friday tasks accomplished because of several appointments I had crammed into that day weeks before.  I signed her out and she hopped in the car and immediately starting telling me about some middle school girl drama. My brain was exhausted and I could barely fathom listening to her list of complaints, my knee jerk reaction was to tune her out and throw in the cursory "mmhmm" and "oh, that's awful" while not really paying attention.

Then, like a lightning bolt to my brain came this thought, "This IS life!  Don't wish it away!  That 12 year old sitting next to you with her middle school sized problems - she is growing and will one day soon be an adult and not need you nearly as much.  Tune in, Mom.  These are the days she will remember."

I did, and we had a great conversation.  I looked at all my kids differently that night - 3 of them had to be different places and so our Friday evening wasn't exactly relaxing, but I enjoyed my time in the car with each of them, and cherished our interaction.

Here is my early New Year's resolution:  I will do my best to enjoy each moment, no matter how hectic.  Life is a gift and I will treat it that way. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Desperate Love

So, Pierce has been dealing with some common childhood fears lately - specifically the thought of being left alone.  He has had some dreams where it's the end of the school day, he misses the bus and then we never come to get him, stuff like that.

I know that some kids struggle with this, but it doesn't stop me from wondering, how can a child who is so desperately loved have these thoughts??

Then, last night, as I was laying in bed, I felt God shoot that thought straight back at me:

"Indeed, I wonder the same thing about my kids."

Dang.  Whatever may be going on in your life today, remember, you are loved desperately by the God of the Universe.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Good grief, I'm afraid to look at the date of my last post.  By way of an explanation, I'll just say I've been a little busy.  :)

We have been here in Virginia for 15 months now and I feel like life has finally settled into a rhythm.  When we first moved, many friends who had moved before us told me it would take between 6 months and 2 years for our new home to feel like "home."  I think I have finally hit the magical line where that happens, Stuarts Draft is where I feel comfortable now.  *cue sappy music*

I couldn't be happier with how things are unfolding for the kids.  Kennedy is in her senior year and has had 2 great seasons with the marching band.  She plans to march in college as well and has a car and (almost) a license.  She went to her first job interview yesterday.  She has made some great friends and had a lot of good times.  I have been amazed to watch her take on the challenge of starting a new school, in a new state, as a Junior - she has, in a word, flourished.

Hooray for the Staunton Academy of Ballet!!  How amazing that there was such a great studio 10 miles from our house.  Reagan is dancing more than ever and loving it more than ever.  She is very disciplined and focused (as most dancers are) and manages her time so well.  She has made friends mostly at dance, but is also involved as much as possible at the high school.  She voluntarily gets up super early on Thursdays to go to Campaigners - a branch of Young Life.  So proud of her.

McKinley is in her second year of middle school and is doing GREAT.  She excels academically and handles the ups and downs of middle school better than the average bear.  I always tell her the sky is her limit and I have no doubt that's where she'll end up.

Carter and Pierce have settled into the elementary school here very well and both have many friends. Carter tried football this fall and Pierce played soccer.  I have comfort in the fact that by the time they both head to the middle school (next year for Carter!), they will be well established in our new little community.

I am working as a receptionist/dental assistant and I love it!  The hours are great, the people are great, the field is interesting.  It has been an adjustment figuring out how to manage my household as a "working" mom after all those years of staying home, but my family has been gracious.  I'm also teaching a ballet class every week and that is good for my soul.  :)  I like my new normal.

Nic started back in the summer working with a friend of ours doing some painting and he is still at it. He is staying busy and of course, still writing.  He coached Pierce's soccer team and renewed his CDL so he could drive the bus for all the band stuff and the kid's field trips.  He is a great Dad and husband, we make a great team.  I am so grateful.

So, that is our update.  I think about all of you often, you are always in my heart.  I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying your life too.  *Big, fat, cyber hugs*  :)