Family 2015

Family 2015

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Sometimes when I start to write a blog I think to myself, "This sounds an awful lot like a blog I wrote last year or even last month..."  Then I wonder why.  Then I realize that maybe it's because so much of my life is "wash, rinse, repeat" right now.  I have to say though, the discoveries and topics I blog about here all feel new to me even if they travel along the same basic path.  So, read on if you're not bored. ;)

This one is going to be my annual "time to think about school next year" installment.  I feel a whole lot better about school next year than I felt at this time last year, so hey, there's one difference.  First of all, the boys are set.  Man, I couldn't be happier with a school than I am with City School.  Fantastic staff, small classes, tons of field trips and hands on learning, so much parent involvement - it is fabulous!

Second, although I certainly have no regrets about homeschooling Kennedy this year (actually it's been great), she will return to a traditional high school in the fall.  What can I say?  The kid is too smart for me.  I have discovered this year that although I can pass Algebra II, that doesn't mean I can teach it and although I could handle Chemistry - I don't wanna.  Plus, she has a great opportunity in a neighboring school district (this time it's for real) where she knows a couple of kids already and we have it on the down low that the staff and programs are pretty great.

Reagan will remain at home.  She dances 5-6 days a week and when she's in school, I feel like we barely see her.  I like her, so that's not a good plan.  Also, since I have a bit longer to pull it together, I know that I can put together a high school program for her that will cover all the bases.

So, that leaves McKinley.  She's the tricky one this year.  Because the boys are at Grand Blanc through the district of choice program, I could apply and she could go to Grand Blanc Middle School next year.  Could. Or not.  I could homeschool her for middle school and then send her there for high school.  Could. Or not.  I can clearly see the pros and cons of both options.  So, I'm not sure about that one.  Film at eleven.

All of this brings me back around to being grateful.  Though I sometimes get tired of all of the planning and plotting for school, I am darn grateful that I have the privilege.  I am thrilled that I get to consider each of my kids as individuals and tailor their education to what is best for them at whatever stage of life they're in.  No, our schooling thus far has not been typical, but I think it has been the best for them.

So, I'm interested to know.  What does the school journey look like in your house?

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