Family 2015

Family 2015

Friday, August 26, 2011

Living Every Day

Ok, so I think I'll just aim for posting every week day - at some point during the day - how's that? ;)

I've been thinking lately about how we spend so much of our lives waiting for things.  Living with 5 kids of varying ages reminds of this all the time because they are all always waiting to reach some milestone or another.  It also strikes me - all the time - how once they reach it, it's never quite what they imagined.  Like Pierce - who turned 5 yesterday and had a great birthday - but even so, he was a bit crestfallen at bedtime.  He first said, "I can't believe I'm 5!!"  Then, it was followed up quickly by, "I still feel like I'm 4..."  Yah, well, get used to that feeling buddy, it happens a lot in life.

I remember waiting to turn 10 (2 digits!), waiting to become a teenager, waiting to turn sweet 16, waiting to graduate, waiting to get married, waiting to have my first child, etc, etc, etc.  Somewhere along the line, I realized that in a way, I was also putting my life on hold while I was waiting to get "there."  Like, in order to be truly happy or fulfilled, I had to have all my ducks in a row.  Wow.  What a lie.  I'm so glad I realized it before I wasted a lot more of my life waiting for all the planets to align before I could be happy.

I'm sure there will always be something I'm waiting for, but in the meantime, I am very grateful to have what I have, be where I am, have the people in my life that I love, and to be on this amazing journey called life.  I really hope that I am able to pass this contentment onto my kids, I hope they learn it younger than I did.  I hope they don't pin all their hopes for their future on Prince Charming, or a huge bank account, or the perfect body.

I hope that when they leave this house, they take with them contentment, peace and a knowledge that their life will unfold exactly as it is supposed to...and there's no need to be in a hurry. :)

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