Family 2015

Family 2015

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Journey

It is such a cliche thing to say that "life is a journey," but it's true. 

I have long ago conceded the fact that I need to enjoy the moment and not rush past my days trying to arrive at the elusive "there."

I understand that for myself.  What is blowing my mind right now, though, is that this is also true for my kids.

Our kids come into our lives so needy, so utterly dependent, that it is easy to forget in those early years that they are their own person.  When they are very young, we do indeed have all the answers.  I can look at a wailing newborn and know for certain that what they need is to be fed, have a clean diaper and then go to sleep.  I can watch a feverish baby tug at his ear and know that I need to go and have him checked for an ear infection.  I can be sure that it is not a good thing for a toddler to run with a pencil, or play with a light socket or eat copious amounts of sugar.  This part of life has very little guesswork.

This changes rapidly once they hit the middle years though, and the art of holding on, while letting go, can be very tricky indeed.

When my oldest approached these years, I wasn't very good at it.  I was still holding onto her life like it was my own.  I was still sure that I had all the answers.  It still made me nervous when she questioned anything that I held as the gospel truth.  And for that, I owe her many apologies.

I have gotten (a little) wiser with each child, and now I am more able to hold on loosely.  They have to walk this journey of life on their own too.  Yes, a thousand times yes, I can be a guide; but ultimately it is their life.

This doesn't make me as nervous as it used to because I now get it.  They are not mine, really.  They are God's.  His love for them makes mine look like puppy love.  His hand is on them.  He is sharing them with me for a season, but ultimately; they are His.

They will have bumps in the road and they will struggle.  They will have crisis' of their faith.  They will wonder and question and cry and rage.  But, they will make it.  And they will stand.  Because He is able to make them stand.

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