Family 2015

Family 2015

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life is Beautiful.

Most days I am caught up in my own life and doing all the things that it takes to make this family run.  It is a lot of work to run a family, as all of you know, and definitely has the potential to be mundane.  So, that's why I shake myself up now and again - make sure that I'm focused on the right things - make sure that I'm not letting the beauty slip by and missing it because I'm so caught up in the details.

The truth is Life is Beautiful.

It's very easy to fall into the trap of viewing everything as an obligation instead of an opportunity.  Here's a good example:  Currently I have kids going to 3 different campuses that start and end at different times.  None of them have bussing, so that means I do a pretty huge amount of drop off and pick up.

  I could really let that ruin my day.

 But, you know what?  I like it.  It gives me lots of time to chit chat with my kids as well as some quiet, alone time after they're dropped off. :)

It also makes me grateful that they get to go to school, for free, and receive a good education.  That I live in a country where I have a choice about where and how I school them.  That, as a parent, I still have a voice.

Then, that leads me down the road of being amazed all over again that I am a parent; that I get to be a part of watching these amazing people grow up and become.

Then, of course, that reminds me of the wonderful guy that I get to do it all with.  Could there be a better person for me to adventure through life with??  No way.  We were made for each other.

Add to all of that the fact that I just got a new (to me) van, and the constant "on the go" of my life feels like a privilege instead of a pain. Truly an opportunity, not an obligation.

So, why don't you tell me why your life is beautiful...I'd love to know.  :)


  1. The joy of being a wife to an amazing man and the mom to 5 awesome incredible children makes my life beautiful!

  2. We need a like button on here!!! :)