Family 2015

Family 2015

Friday, September 2, 2011


I am a little overwhelmed at all the paperwork I have filled out over the past several days.  Enrolling 5 kids in various schools and activities is no small task!

But, in the midst of all of it, I was seriously overwhelmed with gratitude.  Sooooo grateful that I live in a time and place where all of this is available to my kids.  We are so blessed.  They have so many opportunities for enrichment, so many places that their minds, bodies and hearts can grow.  So many people that understand the importance of investing into young lives.  Wow, their future is bright.

Which brings me to another thought.  On the one hand, we have all of these educators who look at our young people and see good and see potential.  On the other hand, we have a different group of people who look at them and see pierced lips and tattoos, kids who don't know how to obey,  a bunch of lazy good for nothings with their ear buds and blisters on their fingers from texting.  Same kids, different perspective.

The first group looks at the kids and sees their ipods, jewelry and attitudes as exterior trappings that will change form with time, they are able to see that the real kid lives underneath all of that and to see the beauty of the heart despite the outward.  The second group sees only the surface, judges only on the surface.  The first group is interested in what the child has to say, what they think, what they feel.  The second group is only interested in getting the child to change on the outside.

Guess who will ultimately be able to guide the child?  Of course, the one who cares.  Not the one who judges.

I pray everyday that I can give this gift to my own chldren, as well as those I teach.  I pray that I will do what is best for them, and not try to make them conform to what is comfortable for me.

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