Family 2015

Family 2015

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Settling In...

Well, we officially have the first week under our belt - big sigh of relief -  I almost feel like I've finished a marathon or something...

Now, I have a clearer picture of my days will look like over the next 9 months.  I have figured out the quickest routes too and from all the places my van must carry me.  I have the start and end times of every activity memorized and I know which clocks in which buildings run fast and which run slow.  I have identified the best way to say goodbye to each of my kids in the morning and how to reconnect with them again in the afternoon.  I am gaining a working knowledge of how each of their classrooms run and learning the personalities and expectations of each teacher.  I know which days I'm really going to need my crock-pot and which days I'll have more time to make a meal.  We almost have the bedtime dance perfected. I think I may have even figured out when to squeeze my laundry in. 

I call that a good week.  :)

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